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What is Public Liability Insurance

There are many areas, where business & people can be exposed to a public liability risk. If you run a business, are a tradesman, a landlord, a property owner, pet owner, land owner, back packer, car owner, hold business meetings in a hotel, or in a boot fair in a field, you almost certainly need or should have public liability.

Why? Some examples:

Your public liability insurance policy will cover your legal liability to pay damages in the event of a third party (member of the public) sustaining bodily injury, death or damage to their property or person as a result of your business activities.

The public liability policy is designed to cover the legal cost to defend an allegation against your business and should you then be found neglectful, any damages awarded up to the level of Indemnity you purchase.

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Public Liability policies

Some insurance policies you buy will include public liability insurance, within the overall covers relative to the risk, such as car insurance, home, pet, travel and office. However not all will extend to cover the public liability risk you may have.

A business or trade person needs to be aware that the correct appropriate covers are in place, for example a standard office policy will come with public liability cover for non-manual workers. However unless agreed this would be very unlikely to cover tradesman or business for any manual work carried outside the office or UK.

If in doubt speak with your broker or us, we can advise you what level of liability insurance you need ( and any additional covers you require).

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