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Polish broker, partner in affiliate program. Insurance comparison platform online.

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We invite you to join one of our Partner Programs. Each of them is a brilliant way to get extra money quickly and easily. At the moment we offer three types of affiliate programs: for our clients, for everyone who has a company and website, and for independent insurance brokers and brokerage companies:

1.For clients of ours who introduce Business to us

If you introduce a friend or business to PIA we would pay you a referral fee of 5% at the policy premium. For example, a £600 policy taken out with us that you have introduced would earn you £30 and if they renew you would still receive another £30. Call us for details.

2. Become an Affiliate or Introducer

Earn up to 12.5% in referral fees on every policy you place with us via your own website or as an introducer.

It could be easier to set up. We will give you a FREE commercial insurance platform re-branded in your company’s name linked directly to our Quote & Buy platform.

Naturally, we deal with ALL the insurance matters and once up and running, visitors to your website can obtain quotes and cover 27/7 from a large selection of commercial insurances. A £600 policy could earn you £75 now and every year it renews.

Cal us and ask for a demo or download a brochure.

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3. Registered Insurance Brokers

If you are a registered general insurance broker with the FCA you can have our free Quote & Buy platform and it’s very sophisticated back office that has a large selection of commercial insurance on it and operates on both B2C (direct to clients) and B2B (brokers can use) to bind policies 24/7.

Our commission to brokers starts at 17.5% and depending on volume can increase. There is also a facility on the system to add in your own administration fee.

Call us for a demo or download a brochure.

Download brochure

Contact with us

If you are interested in the details of any of the above affiliate programs, please call: 01323 648000, or send us a short message from the form below and we will contact you shortly, to discuss the details of the partnership.

We support Polish companies in Great Britain

Professional Insurance Agents and its Polish department, want to help PROMOTE POLISH BUSINESS in the UK. In accordance with this idea, we have created an additional subpage We support Polish business, where all our business partners and clients will find an additional place to promote their company.

Of course, we invite all companies that are founded by Poles or those that are more or less connected with Poland and Poles and operate throughout the United Kingdom. All you have to do is become our client or business partner, and your logo along with a short text and a link to your website will be on our list.

View the list