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Insurance for medical professionals and medicine practitioners

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is for professionals to protect themselves from the financial effects and costs of being sued. A malpractice insurer agrees, through an insurance contract, to investigate claims, provide legal representation, and accept financial responsibility for payment of claims up to a specified monetary amount during the policy period.

Even the most competent professional can make a mistake and should be protected against the possibility of being sued. Without medical malpractice insurance your whole can be at risk, even if its proved its not your fault.

Health care professionals win most malpractice lawsuits, but the legal system rarely allows for the recovery of expenses by the winner, since the cost of defence is high and a loss can be devastating.

Medical Malpractice insurance covers you in the event of a claim against your professional duties including negligence, mental injury and misdiagnosis. This includes legal costs as well as any final awards/settlements up to the level of cover you purchase.

There are no legal requirements that state you have to hold Medical Malpractice insurance, however, it may be a condition of your employment. We would always recommend cover to everyone from sole traders to established business as protection against claims which could arise.

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Complimentary medicine practitioners

We can offer comprehensive covers at low cost for therapists such as:

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