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Individual Directors & Officers Insurance for Polish directors, managers, principals, officers

Why do you need Individual Directors Liability Insurance? Who needs it?

If you work for a company that does not hold Directors & Officers Insurance and you are a senior member of their team or a director you could really be exposing yourself to claims against you and your personal assets while representing that company and indeed even after you have left. You may also be advising on several different boards and be named as an Executive Director or non-executive In which case, you will need to consider protecting yourself against any possible claims from any one of the companies that you are involved with.

An Individual Directors & Officers policy will be specifically covering you as a board member, director or perhaps non-profit entity and could extend to cover several of your appointments for companies and organisations where you are offering your expertise.

Individual Directors & Officers Insurance are not offering an cover to those companies or organisations but rather is tailored for you only.

Buying your individual directors liability insurance couldn't be easier! Simply click on the "Get a quote online" button, fill out the short question set and receive your quote instantly on screen. If you want to go ahead - fill out the personal and payment details sections and your documents will be instantly emailed to you.

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Why have it?

Certainly if you are on the board or a senior member on any company or organisation that holds NO Directors & Officers Insurance policy, you could be risking your own financial wealth and would highly recommend that you take out your own personal Directors & Officers Insurance.

What does it cover?

Legal costs to defend you against any possible claims and damages that may be awarded for such things as.

Statutory Exposures (Typical)

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