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Frequently Asked Questions - UK Business Insurance

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Business Insurance in UK

The policies we offer, from the insurers we use give you protection from the date it has been placed with them.

The insurance offered by us operates within the European Union and some other countries around the world, thanks to this you can be sure that you will be well protected if in doubt please check with us.

Yes, you can continue your policy after changing your place of residence within the European Union. For many people returning to Poland, continuing with the UK policy is a much more beneficial solution. Policies in Poland compared to those in Great Britain are relatively more expensive. The condition for continuing British insurance is to leave an active bank account in the UK from which monthly insurance premiums will be paid.

Insurance policies are offered with companies whose registered offices are located in the United Kingdom, where the official language is English and the British pound currency. Contributions are paid in sterling currency, and all policy documentation is in English. However, we can help in the translation and completion of any documents and mediate on your behalf with insurers.

You do not need to speak English to arrange a policy with us just as you do not need to speak English to set up a bank account in England. Our advisers can help in the whole application process for the polices you require and you will notice that some our proposal forms are in English and Polish explaining the terms in detail, and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. (Note: all forms have to be completed in English).

Yes, Professional Insurance Agents Ltd. helps in the claim process from beginning to end. Mediates between the you and the insurer. We can help in translating conversations, documentation and completing documents. At every stage of the claim process you can count on our advisers.

Advice is free for our client and does not affect the price of the policy. The monthly cost of the premium is exactly the same as in the case of direct contact with the selected insurer. The work of advisers is rewarded by insurance companies.

Consulting with us about your insurance requirements and recommended policy. covers would give you comprehensive customer care, with us examining your business requirements and needs, searching the market to match the best "tailor-made" insurance offers for you and at the most competitive prices. and you can feel safe knowing that if necessary, our adviser are at our disposal and can speak to you in Polish.

Employers liability insurance - It protects against claims of employees who have had an accident at work or fell ill due to companies neglect. An employer who does not have this insurance can be fined - £2,500 for each day they are not insured and Failure to present and display a valid insurance certificate to a HSE inspector may also result in a £1000 fine.
Naturally ALL vehicles being used for private or business must have insurance in place.

No Compulsory Business Insurance in England

There are so many different insurances a business needs, the main policies you will should have to protect both your business and personal assets against claims are Public liability, office, building insurance, contractors all risk professional indemnity insurance, directors and officers insurance, medical, mal practice, life insurance, personal accident cover, intellectual property insurance, product liability, shop insurance, landlords insurance, Cyber insurance, business travel insurance and many others.

If you look around the website we will give you more information about each of these insurance covers and what they protect you against.

Frequently Asked Questions - Affiliate Program

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Affiliate Program

We are inviting the Polish community to introduce their own business insurance to us and recommend after trade people and business to obtain their polices with Professional Insurance Agents Ltd we can then offer you between 5% and 10% of the Premium as an introduction referral fee. For example, if a business you introduce to us proceeds with an insurance policy that costs them £350 you could be getting up to £35 just by recommending them to us.


We could also set up FREE your own whitelabeled Quote and Buy Platform with a link from your website directly to a selection of Insurance products available online 247. From us we of course handle all the enquires and any claims directly.