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Insurance at competitive prices for animal therapist

Animal Complementary Therapy Insurance

This is a relatively new method of healing and has become more popular in the process of helping animals recover more quickly. Professional Insurance Agents Ltd can offer you comprehensive cover online in minutes if you are offering this type of service to your clients.

Therapy for animals can have fantastic benefits and can help recovery from injury and illness, Professional Insurance Agents can provide suitable insurance to protect both you and your patient. Our specially designed insurance product has been developed for both your individual needs and the animals.

Animal therapy is recommended for racing or working animals to help them reach their full potential and avoid/recover from injury, or a surgical procedure. PIA provides specific insurance for individuals working as animal therapists across the UK, our cover can include working with horses, dogs, along with many other type of pets.

Limits of Cover

Animal Complementary Therapy Insurance can cover you for many different trades and comes with a range of indemnity limits to choose from. With cover starting from £80, you can get yourself covered for bodily injury, illness, disease, good Samaritans act and even death. People are very protective over their pets and animals and the annual price of an insurance premium is a small price to pay if you were to make a mistake and a claim was made against you. Call us for any help you may require on go on line and obtain your quotes.

Professions Covered

We can provide insurance for horse whisperers, farriers and animal hydrotherapists at extremely competitive rates, with our Animal Therapy insurance policy you are also able to add on Public Liability Insurance. These polices are incredibly flexible and you can choose how much cover you need to ensure you have a policy that will cover you should you need to make a claim.

Please feel free to give us a call with any queries you may have (+44 (0) 1323 648000). We have Polish speaking staff that can help you with any insurances you may wish to take out.

Buying from us enables you to select an indemnity limit that suits you so you only pay for the cover you need. Our starting indemnity limit is £1,000,000, but you can increase your limit but you can increase your limit up to £5,000,000 if this is required. If you require higher limits, please contact us using the details below.

Contact one of our experienced brokers on +44 (0) 1323 648000 or e-mail us at

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